Uniclamp drill mount.  Strong polycarbon clamp allows the drill to be mounted in any position, horizontal vertical or in between, for use as a bench sander or grinder. Fits onto the 43mm accessory collar on the front of reasonably modern drills. Does not fit cordless drills as these have no collar. A 38mm sleeve is included to fit some old Black and Decker drills. Maximum mounting thickness 50mm.
Uniclamp and Unisharp
Unisharp mk2 knife and scissor sharpener. Easy to use sharpening tool fits in any electric drill. The plastic guide on the side of the tool gives the correct angle for sharpening scissors and garden shears. Knives are sharpened between the spring loaded stones.
New version with coarse and fine stones.

Drill and Flexidisc not included

The Uniclamp and Unisharp are also available as individual items or as part of the professional pack.

Flexidisc sander
B & D Murkin
UK main importers for
Le Tonkinois varnish
Flexidisc sander
Clamp holding drill vertical for grinding       Clamp holding drill horizontal for sharpening

Point A       Adjusts arm from horizontal to vertical, can be locked in intermediate positions.            
Point B       Head rotates, can be locked in any position.
Point C       43 mm  diameter, the size of the accessory collar on most modern corded drills.
                 38 mm with red sleeve to fit some of the very old drills, use with care.
Point D       Adjusts for thickness of mounting surface up to a maximum of 50mm   2 inches

A               B       C
Uniclamp adjustment capabilities.

38mm Sleeve      Hex key

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Sharpener mounted in drill with drill clamp.
Drill and clamp are not included in the pack.

Coarse stones adjacent to cone.            Fine stones adjacent to cone
The stones can be changed so either the coarse or the fine stones are adjacent to the plastic cone.
A hex key for loosening the retaining ring is included.
Sharpener and hex key.

Always ensure the drill is clamped securely and wear safety glasses when using the sharpener.
The sharpener should be positioned so the upper surface revolves away from you.
(With normal direction of drill rotation the stones should be on your left as shown).
For initial sharpening of knives move the blade gently between the coarse brown stones.
For finishing or to re-sharpen use the finer grey stones.
Do not press down, use very light pressure only.
For scissors, garden shears or flymo blades place the blade against the side of the stones, using the cone as a guide to get the angle. Do not hold them at too steep an angle as they can cut into the cone, damaging it.
Stones are approximately 55mm diameter
The Unisharp is also available with the Uniclamp or as part of the professional pack.
Unisharp knife and scissor sharpener