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Flexidisc is a system based on an exciting 5" (125 mm) disc sander attachment which fits in your drill, and does not jump, skitter or scuff.  This is due to a simple but highly efficient flexible shaft which eliminates vibration. It gives full control without the need for effort or expertise when presented full face to the job surface. A top quality result is assured.
Flexidisc uses 'slap-on peel-off' Velcro type discs which are coated with a super-tough material called Corundum, (close to diamond for hardness). The discs are re-usable and cleanable - each one will do the work of at least 100 conventional discs. They cope comfortably with a wide range of materials from soft plaster to iron and steel, including slate, concrete, marble etc. They also transform a rough-sawn plank to a polished finish faster than any other conventional sander. And, because they generate very little heat, they retard over-heating during grinding, and safely sand G.R.P., old paint etc without melting the material.

Using the same 'slap-on' system, polish is easily applied over any size area, using the foam sponge, whist an oversized re-washable polishing cap effortlessly completes the job. You can very quickly polish a car, boat or caravan.

The cleverly designed Uniclamp allows the unit to be clamped to any convenient table at whatever angle the user desires for grinding purposes. This system is used extensively for professional re-sharpening of expensive hairdresser's scissors, and many other applications.

Meanwhile the general purpose Unisharp guarantees any drill owner fantastic results for knives, scissors, garden shears etc, and repays its cost on the first pair of shears re-sharpened.

For grinding welds and rust, Flexidisc provides a good substitute for an angle grinder.
It is however purely a surface grinder, not a cutter.

Flexidisc's role as a glass grinder is of greater use than first appears. Because of its docile nature it can be safely be used in one hand while presenting a drinking glass full face-on with the other. Chips on the rim of your favourite wine-glass are easily ground out, leaving it perfectly safe to use, with very little visible evidence of repair.

Flexidisc sands down protruding nails, screws etc which are un-necessary or impossible to extract, flush with the finished surface.

The FAQ section contains a great deal more information, but if it doesn't answer your question, get in touch with us and ask.
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Flexidisc sander
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Flexidisc sander
So what is Flexidisc?

In short it's whatever you need from the following:-

In its basic state it's a general sander, but converts in seconds to
A super-fine finishing sander
A bench grinder
A general purpose sharpener
A partial angle grinder
A polish applicator
A polisher
It also grinds glass and nails

And the whole system can be carried in your coat pocket!

Why is it better than my sander?
Simply, it is faster, easier to use, gives a better quality finish and discs last far longer.
What more could you wish for!

Is it new?
Flexidisc has been sold in the UK for at least 20 years and still remains the best sander on the market.
It was originally called Flexi-disc.

Why does it not leave circular gouge marks like my circular sander?
The unique patented flexible shaft contains a high tensile steel cable which flexes and allows the plate to stay flat on the surface at all times. The edges do not dig in like your sander so no gouges and ring marks.

Does it judder / vibrate?
Flexidisc is perfectly balanced so it only needs steering across the surface, it can be held by one hand and used for prolonged periods without strain, unlike orbital sanders which vibrate and are extremely tiring if used for more than a few minutes.

Why is it faster than my sander?
Unlike random and orbital sanders the plate always rotates at the full speed of the drill, approx 3000 rpm for a corded drill, which together with 19 square inches of sanding material always in contact with the surface, ensures rapid removal of material.

I see many 'fantastic' tools demonstrated on TV etc but they never really work for me. Why should Flexidisc be any different?
Many of those tools would not sell if they did not hype up the sales pitch.
Flexidisc does everything we tell you and more so there is no need for any hype. If you see us on a show, we ask you to actually try it.
If you follow our three simple rules you cannot go wrong - "Don't lean on it, keep it at 90 degrees to the job, and keep it moving."  Furthermore, we offer a full refund if it fails to satisfy.

What is Corundum?
It is a top quality industrial abrasive used on our super long life discs.
Corundum is the second hardest natural mineral known to science. The hardest mineral is diamond.

Why does metal stay cool during grinding?
Normal disc abrasives like carborundum remove material by rubbing, generating lots of heat. Corundum has a crystalline structure, which simply means that it has sharp points and as it wears it fractures into smaller sharp points. It removes material by cutting instead of rubbing, so producing hardy any heat.
Even tools like wood chisels and plane blades which overheat in a second on a normal abrasive wheel can be sharpened easily.

Where can I get replacement discs and can I buy just the coarser grades?
We supply Corundum discs in packs of 8, 50 or 100 discs with any mix of grades.

When do I fit the small locking nut?
The small metal nut locks the shaft solid and is fitted for grinding. Leave it off for sanding.

What kind of drill do I need?
Whatever you have, provided it will take a 8 mm (5/16") drill bit. However in practice a mains electric model gives a quicker, and often better result than a slower battery operated unit. Remember, for large jobs such as sanding a boat where mains is not available, efficient inexpensive inverters are readily available and will give you an adequate 220v supply for a few hours from a car battery, allowing you to work anywhere. We use one on the shows for demonstrations.

Will it fit on my angle grinder?

Having obtained an almost polished surface on my timber using the Flexidisc, should I now use Danish oil or Varnish?
In our experience, Le Tonkinois varnish is by far the best. It is oil based, therefore penetrates the timber in the same way as Danish oil, but gives much longer lasting protection and a fantastic finish.

I have chipped my favourite crystal glass. Can I remove the chip?
The Flexidisc is gentle enough to use, even on thin wine glasses. Use a slow drill speed, and do not press.
Always ensure you use common sense safety precautions like wearing safety goggles and a breathing mask, glass dust is dangerous.

Any tips on polishing aluminum?
Use a worn 400 grit disc lubricated with WD40 to remove scratches. Then use the Lambswool Polishing Bonnet with Autosol grinding paste. Use the drill at slower speed if possible.

Can I fix your special discs to my old Black and Decker rubber sander?
The old rubber sander is so appallingly bad there is absolutely no benefit in trying to use high quality discs. You wouldn't fit alloy wheels on a go kart and expect it to perform like a sports car! Replace it with the Flexidisc, as well as getting a fantastic finish you will rapidly recoup the cost by saving on continually replaced sanding discs.

I lent it to a neighbour who has broken the shaft. Do I have to buy a full set?
Bet you forgot to tell him to keep it at right angles to the surface so he misused it! You can just buy a new shaft  (more details).

I have great difficulty in getting the correct angle when sharpening scissors ands knives.
Will I be able to manage using the Unisharp?
Yes. Resting the flat edge of the scissors or shears on the plastic cone sets the angle
Running the knife between the sprung loaded stones sharpens both sides of the knife at the same time at the correct angle

Where can I see Flexidisc demonstrated?
We demonstrate and sell the products at a broad range of show venues across the country.
Alternatively we will send one for you to try with an unconditional money back guarantee.
Flexidisc sander frequently asked questions.