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Le Tonkinois Classic

Can sizes and prices the same as Vernis No 1

Varnishing products prices

Maximum carriage on combined orders, including Flexidisc,  £10

Le Tonkinois Vernis Marine No1

Gives a high gloss finish, add Gelomat for matt or satin finish.

Varnish coverage 20 sq m per litre per coat.

0.5 Litre Vernis No 1 is packaged in Classic cans with an extra label.

Le Tonkinois Vernis No1 is supplied for orders unless Classic is specified.

0.5 L     1 L       2.5 L         5 L             10 L

Tack cloths

Sticky resin covered cloth for removing dust particles from surface before varnishing.

Unbleached, 18" x 32" nominal size

Lightly dab over the surface.

Major sources of dust during varnishing are due to airborne dust particles and particles left on the wood after sanding, especially in corners or joints.


Paint strainers

Single use paint strainer removes bits from the varnish.

Great for removing small lumps of surface skin.

Pack of 4                        £1     No carriage charge with varnish orders


Carriage  3-5 day courier UK

0.25 Litre



0.5 Litre



1 Litre



2x0.5 Litre special offer



2.5 Litre



5 Litre   (2x2.5 L cans)



10 Litre (4x2.5 L cans)



We are no longer able to use Royal Mail for any varnish orders.

Occasionally we may be able to arrange faster courier services for urgent orders, ask for prices.

Courier delivery times are from collection date and couriers have a cut off time after which they do not collect on the same day.  Some courier services do not deliver on Saturdays Sundays.

There are no VAT charges on our orders.



No carriage charge with varnish orders

Box of 10 Singles


No carriage charge with varnish orders

Flexidisc sanding system

Flexidisc sander systemmultican_big.jpgvarnish1ltr_big.jpg

Le Tonkinois Parquets

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Starter pack



Professional pack





1 Litre


£7   3-5 day courier UK

2 Litre



Gelomat matting agent

Gelomat is a liquid matting agent for reducing the high gloss of Le Tonkinois.

Important     Shake can well before mixing.

Apply the required coats as normal gloss, do not mix Gelomat with these coats.

Then apply an additional thin coat mixing in Gelomat with the Le Tonkinois varnish.

Mix 1 part Gelomat to 2 parts varnish for matt.

Mix 1 part Gelomat to 3 parts varnish for satin (this is often preferred to matt).

Vary these proportions to suit your taste, if you varnish a scrap piece of wood when doing the main varnishing you can use it for tests.

This mixture forms a very thin layer that takes somewhat longer to cure.

Note when working out the required Gelomat size it is only mixed with a single coat so in many cases a small can is enough.

eg for 3 coats gloss plus 1 coat of satin mix you will only use less than 1/10 of the total varnish applied, or to put it another way if the job uses a full 2.5L of varnish for 3 coats plus a satin finishing coat you would need 0.25L of Gelomat.

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0.25 Litre


£3.50   3-5 day courier UK

0.5 Litre



Le Tonkinois   Classic,   Marine No1,   Parquet  

What’s the difference?

Le Tonkinois Classic is the original Chinese recipe, which has proved to be a first class resilient and reliable varnish for nearly a century. It tends to give a thicker coat than Marine No 1.

Le Tonkinois Marine No1 is basically the original recipe which has been further refined by modern techniques. It is easier to apply. It also returns a slightly higher gloss.

Le Tonkinois Parquet is for flooring and employs a strong synthetic Alkyd resin and Ester oil to return a harder-wearing surface for foot traffic etc. The finish is a little less glossy than the other two, just slightly opaque.

All three can be matted or semi-matted by including Gelomat in the final coat.


Traditional wood Cleaner


Traditional Wood Cleaner is used extensively for boat cleaning, it can be used on timber, GRP and steel craft for the removal of rust and waterline stains and also to clean timber decks.

Dark Spots and discolouration of the wood surface are usually caused by water (especially on oak) and can be removed with Wood Cleaner. It can also be used to freshen wood colour if it has become greyed due to external exposure. In the refinishing of wood furniture, Wood Cleaner can be used after stripping to lighten and soften darker stained areas before refinishing. It can also be used as a rust remover and a stain remover in many other applications.

Traditional Wood Cleaner 200 gm          £3        Carriage  £1

Full details of the versatile Flexidisc system are on the  Flexidisc Prices page

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Post and packing charges will usually be combined with only the highest one being charged.

Our preferred ordering method is by phone or mail

Phone     01 628  629892  or  548840

Brian Murkin, 81 Northumbria Rd, Cox Green

Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 3DQ

Email    mail@letonkinoisvarnish.uk

Collection by arrangement from Maidenhead or Telford TF2

Stock held at Telford is limited so sometimes items may be out of stock.

 (Click here for Telford collection only or for Eberspacher contact details.)

Abrasive Handpads

Abrasive handpads ideal for varnish sanding between coats.

Open abrasive mesh resists clogging, prolonging life.

Suitable for many materials including metal, wood, varnish, ceramics, glass, grp.

Highly flexible Scotch-Brite type pad 150 x 230 mm.

Grade Maroon (very fine).

This latest addition to our product range is proving highly popular.



Handpad quantity 1


 £3    post free with other items

Handpad pack of 10


 £3    post free with other items