What can Le Tonkinois Varnish do for me?
Well, simply put, Le Tonkinois natural oil varnish is the perfect solution for the amateur user seeking a professional product, and for the professional seeking perfection.
Its attributes include:-
  • Brilliant penetration, even on oily timbers establishes a permanent bond.
  • No brush marks.
  • The tough non porous weatherproof coating is highly resistant to all the elements including U.V. and sea water.
  • Free of harmful and irritating ingredients, it is perfect for all indoor     applications, yet outstrips other competitors for all outside purposes.
  • Will go on top of nearly all existing products except wax, although on bare wood it embellishes all natural features and colour.
  • It is particularly good for boats, garden furniture etc.
  • Remaining flexible, once on it will not crack, chip or peel off.
  • Its natural brilliant gloss can be matted as required.
  • See FAQ for more information.

Le Tonkinois Vernis No1
This is further refined to an even higher purity, giving improved performance over Classic. It  gives the following advantages.

  • Faster drying.
  • Penetrates better in wood and is easier to apply
  • Even better U.V. protection and more resistant to abrasion damage.
  • Gives a higher gloss
  • Less skinning in the can.

Vernis No 1
Le Tonkinois Classic
Le Tonkinois Vernis No 1
Le Tonkinois Vernis No1 will be supplied on all new varnish orders unless Classic is specified.
Classic tends to give a thicker coat.
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Le Tonkinois Varnish
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