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Eberspacher introduction

Introduction, How Eberspachers work, Model naming, Links for manuals,

Request for faulty heaters / donations, Dealer list. Contact us details.

Technical Bulletin 281 (avoid / solve common problems on boat installations).

Air Heaters current

Current air heaters - Airtronic D2, Airtronic D4, Airtronic D5.  

Brief specifications and comments for each model plus model specific information not on a separate page.

Air Heaters 1-3 kW

Older air heaters D1LCC, D1LC, D1L, B2L, D2L, BN2

Air Heaters 3-5 kW

Older air heaters D3LCC, D3LC, D3L

Air Heaters 5-8 kW

Older air heaters D5LC, D5L, D4L, D7L

Air Heater D2L

D2L / B2L dismantled

Air Heater BN2

Ancient BN2 photographs

Water Heater intro

Introduction, How they work, One pipe / two pipe systems, Model numbers

Water Heaters current

Current water heaters - D4WS, D5WS, D4WSC, D5WSC, M8, M10, M12

Water Heaters OEM

OEM water heaters  D3WZ,  D5WZ,  Hydronic II D5WZ

Servicing introduction

Servicing introduction, How often to service, DIY or dealer servicing

Servicing D2-D4  page 1

Servicing Airtronic D2 D4,   Modifying a socket for glowpin removal

Servicing D2-D4  page 2

Servicing Airtronic D2 D4 continued

Servicing D5-D5LC-D5L

Servicing D5LC. Also covers Airtronic D5 and D5L models

Servicing D1LCC

Servicing D1LCC  (D3LCC  D1LC  and  D3LC models are similar), fuel filter

Servicing D1L

Servicing D1L

Servicing D3L

Servicing D3L

Servicing Hydronic

Servicing D4WSC,  D5WSC,  D4WS,  D5WS,  D4WZ,  D5WZ

Servicing Hydronic 10kW

Servicing Hydronic D10W and Hydronic M

Faults  starting

The most common faults.   

Faults during starting - full Eberspacher diagnosis and repair.

Faults  running

Faults during running - full Eberspacher diagnosis and repair.

Fault codes

Corrected and improved list of fault codes and suggested remedial action.

Fuel faults

General notes, Water in fuel, Fuel types, Bio diesel compatibility.

Fuel quantity test, Pump faults, Lost spring & ball bearing, Pump testing, Alternative pump results, Adjusting pumps.

Fuel problem

Practical fault finding when one of our heaters failed due to fuel degradation.

Low voltage problems

Low voltage causes, Installing a voltmeter.

Component autopsies

Faulty components taken apart.


Why ECUs fail. ECUs cut open

Blower repairs

Disassembly warnings, Disassembled blower unit, Brush and bearing replacement.

D1L blower 1

D1L blower disassembly.

D1L blower 2

D1L blower bearing replacement.


D4 burner cut in half, New type D4 burner, other model burners

Silencer problems

Vehicle type silencer cut open, Non gas tight seams.

Damaged port repairs

Corroded or damaged inlet and outlet ports diy repair techniques


Cable sizes, Eberspacher wiring colour codes, Airtronic connector wiring,  D2 D4 D5 wiring loom,  Mini controller.  D1LCC D3LCC wiring, Rheostat controller.


List of manuals available.

Controllers 1

Controller confusion.  Rheostat, Mini, 801, 701.

Controllers 2

EastStart Select, Older controllers   401, 301, 7 day timer, Cheap timer,

Cheap DIY controller.

Controllers 3

Thermostat type controllers, Universal switch, for ancient Eberspacher heaters.

Controllers 4

Fit a second controller, switching details

Remote sensor

Why heaters circulating fresh air and some other installations need a remote sensor.  Poor temperature regulation.   Cheap remote sensors.  How to wire in the sensor. Add a second sensor.

Air ducting introduction

Why ducting has limits. My calculation formula for different duct sizes.

General ducting notes. Comments on Eberspachers poor ducting manuals.

Air ducting 2

Heater duct rating figures. Single duct, dual duct and larger duct.

How to solve out of limits ducting. Calculation of equivalent value for larger or smaller ducts. Ducting specifications.

Practical testing duct within acceptable limits.

Air ducting 3

Duct component ratings for Airtronic D2, D4, D4 Plus heaters.

Air ducting 4

Duct component ratings for Airtronic D5, D1LCC heaters.

Air ducting 5

Example duct calculations.

Buying advice

Why choose Eberspacher. Condition descriptions and what they usually really mean. Non standard heater warnings.  Heater size. 12v to 24 volt converters. Battery supply cable sizes.  Air duct length and bend restrictions.


Eberspacher frequently asked and general questions.


Dereks tips.

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General    Page content


Purchase / Contact us

Contact and purchasing details.


Testimonials for Le Tonkinois varnish, Flexidisc sander, Eberspacher.

Photo Gallery

Photographic gallery.

Photo Gallery 2

Photographic gallery.

Site guide

This page   Hyperlinks to all pages

RAC charger

RAC charger repair - 5 pages

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Le Tonkinois varnish  Page content

Le Tonkinois varnish

Le Tonkinois varnish introduction


Varnish specifications


Le Tonkinois Frequently asked questions


Product range descriptions and prices

Tung tree

Tung tree and Linseed plant details

Traditional Wood Cleaner

Alternative to sanding

Epoxy problems

Problems using Le Tonkinois over epoxy and epoxy on top of teak

Wax removal

Removing wax polish before varnishing

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Flexidisc sander  Page content

Flexidisc Sander

125 mm flexible shaft sander and grinder drill attachment


Flexidisc frequently asked questions


Basic pack and Professional pack


Product range price list


Replacement 125 mm  (5") and 75 mm discs

Clamp & Sharpener

Clamp for holding drill, knife and scissor sharpener

Hand mitten

Hand mitten for hand sanding using 125 mm discs

Polishing set

Lambswool polishing bonnet and Polishing sponge

Mini plate

75 mm plate


Cleaning rubber for safe efficient cleaning of our discs


Replacement shaft and nuts, replacement plate

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