Our preferred ordering method is by phone or mail.
Collection by arrangement from Maidenhead or Telford
(Stock held at Telford is limited so sometimes items may be out of stock.)

Phone    01 628  629892  or  548840
Brian Murkin, 81 Northumbria Rd, Cox Green
Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 3DQ

Email    mail@letonkinoisvarnish.uk
Ordering / Contact us for Varnish and Flexidisc

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Maximum postage for combined items 10
If you require any further information please contact us.
All orders come complete with full instructions and tips received from experienced users.

Unlike many faceless companies that are just an anonymous click on a button
we believe that we can provide a better standard of service with personal contact.
Also many customers like to be able to ask for advice and we benefit from the feedback.
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B & D Murkin
UK main importers for
Le Tonkinois varnish
Flexidisc sander
Le Tonkinois Varnish
Dead or terminally wounded Eberspacher heaters or parts
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