RAC HP027 Heavy Duty Battery Charger Engine Starter
RING RCB322 Heavy Duty Battery Charger Engine Starter
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RAC Heavy Duty Battery Charger Engine Starter.
Charger Repair 1 - Fault diagnosis and repair
On our Le Tonkinois Varnish show demonstrations we use 12 volt batteries and inverters.
These power electric drills and occasionally lights.
The batteries need to be recharged before the next show.
We purchased 2 RAC Heavy Duty Battery Charger Engine Starters in 2007.
In 2010 one was used for charging with the rotary switch accidentally left in the Engine Start position.
It expired emitting smoke signals!.
As there were no new ones advertised we bought a second hand replacement.
When we eventually got round to using it we found it was also faulty, too late to return it.
The details of the repairs could help others with the same problem, if so a thank you email would be appreciated.
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Page 2 contains details of very simple diagnostic tests and some solutions for people with limited electronics experience.
Pages 3 to 6 contents are primarily aimed at people with at least a basic knowledge of electronics and soldering.

Thanks to Georges Pradon for the information that the Ring RCB322 charger by Ring Automotive UK has the same design.
RING RCB322 has same components inside.