Window frame
Philip Aspland
Philip Aspland
Dragon boat interior
Kevin Boyd
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Bamboo summer house
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Laburnum test sample
showing the fabulous grain.
Darker area is a shadow
Laburnum   Click to enlarge
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Wood bowl
Bought at a carboot sale for 25p then varnished
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HMS Pickle
More photos at
HMS Pickle
Dragon boat  Click to enlarge
Elm   Click to enlarge
Elm test sample
showing how the detail is enhanced by Le Tonkinois
(More samples in gallery 2)
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HMS Pickle  Click to enlarge
HMS Pickle   Click to enlarge
HMS Pickle
an extreme environment for varnish
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Why you need
Le Tonkinois varnish
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Metal garden furniture
protected with Le Tonkinois
R J Wilkinson
Morris Minor Traveller
1956, split screen
Jim Turnbull
Morris Minor Traveller
Classic car -  show winner
Jim Turnbull
Wooden Railway Carriage
Built 1894,   52ft 6in long
Found used as a pig stye
More carriage details
Bigger than the average
revarnishing project
(160 Litres of Le Tonkinois)
Wabtec Rail Limited
Stag beetles
Chainsaw sculpture
Work in progress
Carved from a beech trunk
at Westonbirt 2009
Dan Hunt

The completed sculpture
Fabulous artistry
Dan Hunt
Garden seat
Carved from an Ash tree
Ken Rowley
Seaside House
Oak doors & window frames
Paul Sanders
Seaside House
Oak Boathouse doors within 20m of high water mark
B & D Murkin
UK main importers for
Le Tonkinois varnish
Flexidisc sander
Le Tonkinois Varnish
Photo gallery 1

The result of much loving attention, assisted by Le Tonkinois
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Flower bowl
bought on ebay
then varnished
Carriage original varnish
water staining and peeling before Le Tonkinois.

Chainsaw sculpture
at Westonbirt 2010
Dan Hunt
Nearly finished.

Varnishing with Le Tonkinois which is also enhancing the wood grain.

Calypso, environmentally friendly Contessa 32
Jeremy Rogers / Green Blue
Varnished Kebony wood
Southampton Boat show 2010

Steam launch Alaska
Alaska, built 1883
The oldest working passenger steamer on the Thames.
Alaska carried
Queen Elizabeth 2009
Swan upping ceremony.
Greece - front door
Keith Clarke
Greece - window shutters
Greece - patio set
Lot more sun than the UK
Sea Otter seatboards.
Part sanded.
Caoline Jones
What an improvement.
1890 built Taf 73 carriage.
Swindon & Cricklade Rly.
Brown paintwork protected with Le Tonkinois varnish.
Buick wooden wheels.
Buick wheel.
Designer wooden bath.
Regularly used.
Bill Morton